Our Services

Full time, or part time, individual or group, we offer the flexibility of training on your schedule.
For your convenience. Evening classes are available as well.

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Personalized, and Individual. Your learning needs, your learning style. Whether you require a brush up, or heavy duty language training, our customized programs meet your B and C level goals comfortably and effectively. Students who have struggled in other training programs often flourish at our school.
Small Group Classes A cost effective solution to your language training needs. We take pride in our group training, and optimize the opportunity for students to learn from each other. As well as giving a solid foundation in the basics, you’ll learn the intricacies, so that you are natural and at home in your second language. There’s a lot of practice opportunity, and of course, lots of fun.
With lessons that are clearly-explained, motivating, and stimulating, our language and cultural immersion program leads to rapid language command. Our fun and engaging instructors are trained in providing lively learning activities and effective group lessons.