About Us

A little history:

Ten years ago, a student came to Emile, our founder, in shambles from failing her French language proficiency exam four times, and was a nervous wreck about taking it a fifth time. When Emile approached his then supervisor about how to support her stress about the exam, he was told that it was up to the student to manage her own stress. This attitude went against everything Emile believed as a teacher and everything that led him to teach. Deeply dissatisfied with the response, Emile sought to ensure the student was both extremely well-prepared and comfortable before she took the next exam. She passed with no problem.

That experience was eye-opening and transformative. Emile then gathered a group of professors to study what was contributing to the generally low-level of success in passing the Public Service SLE Exam. Their findings became the foundation of École de langues Eagle, established to address the gap between training and student support. From our tiny beginnings, we are pleased to announce our move into a beautiful new space, where we are expanding to meet our growing demand.

What we do